This site is currently in the process of finding out what it is, much in the way I continue to do myself. It’s mostly about sharing – sharing my thoughts which, perhaps, no-one is too interested in;  sharing good books of various sorts that I have come across which some people might be interested in; sharing free software which probably has quite a market once people take the chance to jump into open source. And sharing quick, cheap and knacky ways of getting stuff done which almost everyone wants.

On thoughts, I seem to be moving towards the creation of little concept holders, as I discuss in Networking – up to 1,000 words that contain an idea that is useful and a way to think about it and understand it; most usually containing little stories along the way that come to mind as I think of the idea. At least part of the reason behind this is that I find it somewhat (or extremely) tedious that some authors take a simple idea that is easily communicable and wrap it up in a book of 90,000 words or a patented method with exorbitantly priced training rather than just getting to the point. When I want to know the five horsemen of this or the seven dwarves of that, I usually just head off to Wikipedia for the summary. So, good ideas in simple packaging, easily digested, is the aim.

Sharing good books – always a good social activity. Most of the ones here will most likely be themed around the other topics of the site – doing things well and doing good things.

Free software, it must be said, is far more than just free software to me. I have never been much of a one for competition but I don’t begrudge others wanting to engage in it for the fun and sense of achievement. However, I have never bought into the idea that it is superior to collaboration in driving the civilisational agenda.  Free software represents collaboration and sharing in a way that can spread and replicate and, potentially, move into other realms of production. I can’t quite see the path that might lead to the basics of life being free for all but I think this is on it. The word ‘post-capitalism’ is one that I think would do well in daily usage, being used from the point of view that it’s so much better than the dirty mess we used to live in.

And finally, doing things well for little cash. Working in the not-for-profit and the not-so-profitable sectors, it’s always a priority for me to get the most bang-for-my-buck, especially when there isn’t the buck to spare. I’ve been particularly good at this over the last few years – digging up the free stuff that helps me get things done.

Much of the difference between open source and getting things done cheaply hangs on the concepts of free speech and free beer. Both are good for me. You can read about the difference here.

So enjoy, comment, send suggestions or not as you please.

If any of you grammar and punctuation sticklers want to point out my shortcomings, please feel free to do so in the privacy of the contact form.